June Plan

Warm Up: for all the workouts please allow yourself 6 minutes to warm up!
Watch the video here for your warm Up


Every month, at the end of the month, you will complete the AT-HOME Assessment. This is assessment is to challenge you. For this workout, it is known as a CHIPPER, meaning you have to “chip” away at all 100 before moving on to 90, then 80, and so on! So you will want to ROCK out, in AWESOME form, all your squats, then tackle the sit-ups and so on! YES you can!

Every month your goals will change;

  • at first your goal should be to complete the workout
  • once you can successfully complete the entire workout in the time allowed, your next goal is to complete it without any modifications (push-ups)
  • once you can successfully complete the entire workout without modifications in the time allowed, your next goal is to use weight OR add heavier weight

For this workout, get your weights and water ready, press START and GET IT!!!!!!!




80 LUNGES (alternating, 90 per side)








+ AMRAP (1)

Here we go! You are doing 40 of everything IN order, then 30, then 20 and last 10!
Kickout Burpees
Goblet Squats
DB Push Press

+ AMRAP (2)

Here you are jumping rope for 3 minutes, rest for 1 minute, then go right into the 10 minute AMRAP. Rest for 2 minutes, then you are jumping rope again for 3 minutes and doing the AMRAP for 8 minutes! Yes! Go!

Jump Rope for 3 minutes

10 min AMRAP
25- Thrusters
20- Burpees
15- Overhead Sit-ups
10- Blast Off Push-Ups

(rest for 2 minutes)

Jump Rope for 3 minutes

8 min AMRAP
25- Thrusters
20- Burpees
15- Overhead Sit-ups
10- Blast Off Push-Ups

+ LEGS (1)

Start off with the EMOM; use your HEAVIER DB for this! After go RIGHT into butterfly sit-ups (try to remember your number so you can match it the second round!).

EMOM: 10
15 Goblet Squats

2 mins of Butterfly Sit-Ups

40/20: 4x
R: Single Leg Deadlift
L: Single Leg Deadlift
R: Split Squat
L: Split Squat

2 mins of Butterfly Sit-Ups

100 Squats (as fast as possible)

+ LEGS (2)

Here you are starting with two supersets; for both of them regardless of it being 40 seconds, use your HEAVIER set. If that becomes too difficult then drop to the lighter set of weights. For the 5 minutes of reverse or forward lunges, chose what feels best for you! For me, I always do reverse because it feels better on my knees, your choice!

40/20: 5x
Sumo Squat
Sumo Deadlift

40/20: 5x
Goblet Squat
DB Deadlift

5 minutes
alt. Reverse/Forward Lunges

(1 min rest)

30/20: 3x
Jump Lunges
Jump squats

Wall-Sit as long as possible

+ UPPER (1)

You got this! It’s SUPER tough and you CAN do this. On the weighted burpees, it is the same as a burpee, you are just holding your LIGHT set of dumbbells on the side!

EMOM: 10
12 Hand Release Push-Ups (even)
20 Push Press (odd)

30/20: 3x
Delt Flys
Strict Press
Tricep Dips
Oblique Twists
Heals To Heaven

10 weighted Burpees *just hold DBs at your side

+ UPPER (2)

The jump rope will keep you SWEATY and burning more calories throughout! Do not take long breaks from your lifts to your jumping rope, 30 seconds is enough! Go right into the next lift!

20/20/20: you are doing 20 seconds of the side lat raises, then 20 seconds of front raises, then rest
20/20/20: upright rows for 20 seconds, then DB Delt Flys, then 20 seconds of rest

30/20: 4x
DB Back Rows
Hand Release Push-Ups
DB Bicep Curls
DB Tricep Kickbacks

2 mins: jump rope

20/20/20: 5x
Side Lateral Raise/Front Lat Raises/Rest

2 mins: jump rope

20/20/20: 5x

Upright Rows/Delt Flys/rest

2 mins: jump rope


20/20/20: you are doing jump lunges, then burpees, then squat jumps (no rest in that period)
THEN you will rest for one minute… repeat for 10 rounds!

30/30: 30 seconds of planks then 30 seconds of oblique twists (no rest, back to back)

10 Rounds
20/20/20- then 1 min rest
Jump Lunges/Burpees/Squat Jumps

30/30: 5x
Plank/Oblique Twists

100 Sit-ups


Get your weights ready! For the Thrusters and Sumo + Upright Rows go ahead and use your light set, for the snatches use ONE of your heavier DBs

40/20: 5x
Heals To Heaven
Sumo Squat + Upright Rows
Plank Salutes
DB Renegade Rows

R- DB snatch
L- DB snatch
(1 min rest)


Here is a little different! You will be doing each move for one minute, then have 40 seconds of rest! Crazy, right! You can do it! On those lunges, chose to go forward or reverse, but have your weights at your side!

60 on/40 off: 5x
R- reverse/forward lunge
Butterfly Sit-Ups
L- reverse/forward lunge
Kickout Burpees
DB Push Press

+ No Equipment, No Excuse!

This workout is FANTASTIC if you are traveling for work or vacation and are not able to pack one more thing in your suitcase! This workout is using ONLY your body weight!

You are going as HARD and FAST as possible within those 40 seconds, you are getting 20 seconds of rest to complement each exercise!

On the Lunges, whatever feels best, complete standing forward lunges or reverse lunges!

On the tricep dips, start with your legs STRAIGHT and as your muscles fatigue, bend your knees

40/20: 3 Rounds (no extra rounds for rest)

  • Burpee
  • Wall-Sit
  • Hand Release Push-Ups
  • Tricep Dips
  • Alternating Reverse or Forward Lunges
  • Butterfly Sit-Ups
  • Blast Off Push-Ups
  • R- Side Plank Hip Drop
  • Squat
  • Burpee Hop Over
  • L-Side Plank Hip Drop