May Plan

Warm Up: for all the workouts please allow yourself 6 minutes to warm up!
Watch the video here for your warm Up


Every month, at the end of the month, you will complete the AT-HOME Assessment. This is assessment is to challenge you. For this workout, it is known as a CHIPPER, meaning you have to “chip” away at all 100 before moving on to 90, then 80, and so on! So you will want to ROCK out, in AWESOME form, all your squats, then tackle the sit-ups and so on! YES you can!

Every month your goals will change;

  • at first your goal should be to complete the workout
  • once you can successfully complete the entire workout in the time allowed, your next goal is to complete it without any modifications (push-ups)
  • once you can successfully complete the entire workout without modifications in the time allowed, your next goal is to use weight OR add heavier weight

For this workout, get your weights and water ready, press START and GET IT!!!!!!!




80 LUNGES (alternating, 90 per side)








+ LEGS (1)

For the EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute), you are doing a set 15 Goblet Squats on the even minutes and 15 Sumo Deadlifts on the odd minutes; whatever you have left of that minute is your rest!

40/20: Remember 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest!

EMOM: 10
Here you are doing DB Walking Lunges for an entire minute, then the next minute you are doing sit-ups for the entire minute, then back to lunges. Your “rest” are the sit-ups! Push it!

EMOM: 10
Goblet Squat (15)
Sumo Deadlift (15)

40/20: 3 Rounds
R- Split Squat
L- Split Squat
Jump Squats

EMOM: 10
DB Walking Lunges

+ LEGS (2)

40/20: Remember 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest! On the step-ups, your HEAVY SET you are holding at your sides!

2 Rounds: you are doing the exercises back to back, 2 minutes worth each! You do get 1 minute of full rest for recovery so push it! On the Around the Clock Lunges, no weights but your body!

It will be tough for 2 whole minutes doing kickout burpees BUT YOU CAN DO IT! Really challenge your self-talk here!!!!! On those reverse lunges, grab your LIGHT SET and hold at your side the entire time!

40/20: 3 Rounds
Goblet Squats
R- Single Leg Deadlift
L- Single Leg Deadlift
Hop Thrus

40/20: 3 Rounds
R- Step-Ups
L- Step-Ups
Oblique Twists

2 Rounds: 2 minutes each exercise
R- Reverse Lunge
L- Reverse Lunge
Kickout Burpees

1 minute rest

+ AMRAP (1)

AMRAP’s: here you are pushing yourself for as many rounds as possible in the time given! Take advantage of the rest period to get yourself set up for the next AMRAP. Remember whatever you tell yourself you will do! Go big!

8 minute AMRAP
15 Sumo Squat + Upright Rows
15 Mountain Climbers
10 Straight Arm Sit-Ups
10 Burpees

2 mins rest

2 minutes on/30 seconds off: 5 Rounds

Jump Rope

2 mins rest

5 minute AMRAP
20 Plank Hop Thrus
15 Butterfly Sit-Ups
10 Oblique Twists

Run 1 mile

+ AMRAP (2)

You got this! So you are doing 21 of every exercise (thrusters, ect in order), then you are doing 18 of ever exercise… all the way down to 3! Yes you can! Chip away at it. Feel free to split it so in the beginning do 11 Thrusters, rest for 15 seconds, then rock out the last 10! You CAN DO THIS!

-On the overhead walking lunges, grab 1 of your HEAVY Dumbbells and hold overhead!

-you are jumping rope for 2 minutes AFTER you complete one full set, so after you complete 18: overhead walking lunges, push-ups and butterfly sit-ups THEN you jump rope for 2 minutes… then go on to 15… ☺ ends up being 12 minutes of jump roping! Push It!
Overhead Walking Lunges
Butterfly Sit-Ups

2 minutes of Jump Rope after each FULL set

+ Plyo/Core

40/20: 4 Rounds, after the first set of 4 rounds, take 2 minutes off and get ready for the next circuit!

20/10: Here you are doing 20 seconds of the exercise, 10 seconds of rest! Push through the high heart rate!

For added resistance, on the jump squats, hold your LIGHT SET of dumbbells on your side!

On the snatches, grab one of your HEAVY dumbbells, rock out 15 on each side, the remaining time is your REST!

40/20: 4 Rounds
Jump Rope
Plank (R) Hip Drop
Jump Squats
Plank (L) Hip Drop

40/20: 4 Rounds
Weighted Burpees (hold on to a set of dumbbells)
Sumo Squat + Upright Rows
Mountain Climbers
Jump Lunges

15 Snatches on EACH arm!


EMOM: Here you are alternating the exercises every other minute; so the evens you do 15 Thrusters and the odds you do 20 snatches (10 each arm!)

40/20: 4 Rounds
R- Curtsy Lunge
R snatch
L- Curtsy Lunge
L snatch
Straight Arm Sit-Ups
Burpee + Shoulder Press
Oblique Twists

2 minutes rest

EMOM: 6 (alt)
R- Around the Clock Lunges
L- Around the Clock Lunges


YES YOU CAN! I want you rocking out 150 burpees as fast as you can! Yes! Then right into 100 DB Thrusters! Drop the weights, head out the door for a 1 mile run! If you cannot run, I want you jump roping for 8 minutes!

35 Minute time cap

150 Burpees
100 DB Thrusters

Run 1 mile


EMOM: You are alternating the exercises every other minute; so the first minute you are completing 12 hand release push-ups and then the next minute you are complete 15 DB Push and Pulls! Use your heavy weights. Feel the struggle.
30/20: your rest IS the 20 seconds off! Grab your heavy sets!
20/10: 20 seconds on of tricep dips, 10 seconds rest! Goes by fast!

EMOM: 10 (alt)
12 Hand Release Push-Ups
15 DB Push And Pull

30/20: 3x
DB Strict Press
DB Back Flys
Hop Thrus
DB Bicep Curls

20/10: 8 Rounds
Tricep Dips

10 Burpee Hop Overs


This is hitting the basic large upper body parts! Go Heavy! Have fun with it!
For the supermans, you are using no weight BUT I want you to pause at the top of the lift for 1 second!
On the EMOM; you are doing the exercise for the ENTIRE minute! NO REST! The Heals to Heaven IS your active rest!

30/20: 3x
DB Back Rows
Decline Push-Ups

EMOM: 9 minutes
DB Deadlifts
Heals To Heaven
DB Push Press

30/20: 3x
DB Chest Fly
Plank Salutes
DB Front/Side Lateral Raise (alternate; use light weights)

5 Minute AMRAP:
10 Blast Off Push-Up’s
10 Thrusters
10 DB Bicep Curls

3 minutes of jump roping

+ No Equipment, No Excuse!

This workout is FANTASTIC if you are traveling for work or vacation and are not able to pack one more thing in your suitcase! This workout is using ONLY your body weight!

You are going as HARD and FAST as possible within those 40 seconds, you are getting 20 seconds of rest to complement each exercise!

On the Lunges, whatever feels best, complete standing forward lunges or reverse lunges!

On the tricep dips, start with your legs STRAIGHT and as your muscles fatigue, bend your knees

40/20: 3 Rounds (no extra rounds for rest)

  • Burpee
  • Wall-Sit
  • Hand Release Push-Ups
  • Tricep Dips
  • Alternating Reverse or Forward Lunges
  • Butterfly Sit-Ups
  • Blast Off Push-Ups
  • R- Side Plank Hip Drop
  • Squat
  • Burpee Hop Over
  • L-Side Plank Hip Drop