swEAT Meal Plan


swEAT Meal Plan


swEAT is for the person who loves to workout and is looking for help in meal planning on WHAT to EAT! This plan allows you variety within your day! You will be provided with 7 choices for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, night time snacks, and drinks to enjoy!

In addition, get some of Jess's favorite ways of how she cooks (simple!) and adds some spice to her meals! Eating healthy doesn't have to taste boring!

EAT for how you want to feel! This is NOT a calorie tracking OR restrictive plan; you will want to go off of how you are FEELING.

swEAT is:

  • dairy free

  • supplement free

  • grain free

After you have invested, you will receive a link within 2 hours to your mailbox. Throughout the time you are figuring this out, do NOT hesitate to reach out with questions!

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