SWEAT Training Plan


SWEAT Training Plan


The benefits of strength training can affect all areas of your life; health, strength, flexibility, posture, metabolism, sex drive, moods, and your state of mind (to mention a few). 

Are you looking for more variety in your workouts? Are you feeling overwhelmed and clueless on where or how to begin strength training? Jess will make it happen for you. #showup

Your training program should be specific to your fitness goals, means of materials, schedule, and ability. If you have any prior surgeries and/or complications, your program should be considerate of that and provide modifications. Your program should target all areas, including the areas you avoid training. 

SWEAT Training is based on your goals, time-frame, and equipment in addition to the following: 

  • One 30 minute FaceTime/Skype session to cover your plan and answer questions;

  • A three-week program tailored towards your needs, activity level and personal preference;

  • Access to Jess’s private online community with provided videos/images to assist you with proper form so you feel confident on your own; and, 

  • Supplement recommendations to assist you with your goals and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Let Jess be a part of your journey today!

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